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Connecticut Industrial Energy Consumers Achieves Victory in CL&P Rate Filing

Jim King represented the Connecticut Industrial Energy Consumers (CIEC), a membership-driven organization of large volume Connecticut energy users, in the Connecticut Light & Power Company’s (CL&P) recent rate filing. While CL&P proposed a revenue requirement increase of approximately $231.5 million, the Final Decision reduced the CL&P revenue requirement request by 42% or approximately $100 million. In addition, CL&P’s requested return on equity of 10.2% was reduced to 9.15%, with a reduction to 9.02% in 2015. Jim’s representation of CIEC resulted in reduced rate impacts. In particular, member rate classes received approved distribution rates that were significantly lower than requested by CL&P.

In addition, CTA, SBC and FMCC rates were reduced in separate proceedings based, in part, upon methodologies previously advocated by CIEC.