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Couch White Partner Obtains Reversal of a Denial of WBE Recertification

Jennifer Kavney Harvey, Esq. of Couch White was successful in obtaining a reversal of a denial of woman-owned business enterprise (“WBE”) application for recertification by New York’s Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development (“Division”) of the New York State Department of Economic Development.  According to Division staff, the applicant did not demonstrate that the woman owner made decisions pertaining to the operations of the enterprise, as required by 5 NYCRR 144.2(b)(1), and further the applicant failed to demonstrate that the woman owner had adequate managerial experience or technical competence to operate the business enterprise, as required by 5 NYCRR 144.2(b)(1)(i).  The WBE applicant was able to demonstrate that she had a high degree of engagement in all aspects of the WBE’s business operations, made critical decisions and had the necessary technical competence and managerial experience to operate the company.  For those reasons, the denial was reversed.