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Couch White Saves Child Care Facilities from License Revocation Through Favorable Settlement with NYS Office of Children and Family Services

The New York State Office of Children and Family Services (“OCFS”) recently entered into a settlement agreement with a local child care provider, which allowed the provider to maintain and renew its operating licenses in exchange for a nominal fine.  Couch White Attorneys Desiree Murnane and Madeline Goralski urged OCFS to settle with the provider in advance of the scheduled administrative hearing, pointing out the provider’s impeccable compliance with OCFS regulations since the notices of revocations were issued and the number of arbitrary citations upon which the revocations were based.  Upon reviewing Couch White’s arguments in favor of the child care provider, OCFS agreed to withdraw its revocation notices at all locations, which is a huge win for the many families who rely on these child care sites.